California Surfing Dog Huntington Beach Winners

Surf City Surf Dog: the coolest canine surfers 
California is USA's home of surfing dogs, with amazingly skilled surfing pooches showing their board skills recently, at the 5th annual Surf City Surf Dog competition, held in Huntington Beach.
Haole, Tillman, Abbie Girl, Bentley, Kona Kai and Hanzo/Kalani took out the the top spots in the six K9 surfing divisions.
Surf City Surfing Dog participants competed in weight class categories, and were judged on a variety of skills, including the ability to complete the entire ride on the surfboard.
"We want to see him having fun with all the other dogs and coming up for a day on the beach," says Tina Walters, owner of Stickers.
Loui has been considered the "Crowd Pleaser", while the Sugar scored the "Best Wipeout".
Here is the winners list from the Huntington Beach Surfing Dog Event

5th Surf City Surf Dog Results:
1. Haole
2. Hanzo
3. Turbo
1. Tillman 
2. Louie
3. Libby
1. Abbie Girl
2. Sugar
3. Beans
1. Bentley
2. Kihei
3. Toby
Kona Kai
Crowd Pleaser: 
Best Wipeout: 
Best Grom/Newbie: 

California Huntington Beach Surfing Dog Competition

The spiritual home of the surfing dog is Hutington Beach.

Each year surfing bulldogs, surfing terriers and every other type of surfing dog gets together at Huntington Beach to hang 20.

We'll soon bring you official Huntington Beach Surf Dog photos, but in the meantime, check out this great clip of canines of all shapes and sizes taking part in the fifth annual Surf City Surf Dog competition at Huntington Beach, California.
The Huntington Beach Surf Dog 2013 event divided the participants into four weight class divisions, from under 9kg to larger dogs weighing more than 27kg.
The dogs were judged on how long they could stay on the surf board, as well as their confidence while riding the waves.
Whilst most surf dogs donned life jackets to hit the waves, others surged in style wearing elaborate costumes.