Checkout this mind blowing 360 degree surfing dog video from d.

The amazing 360° Virtual Reality Surfing Dog Video shot at last weekend's Surfing Dog Spectacular will leave you speechless.
 Open the video in Youtube and get a 360°  view from the front of Pepper's board:

Youtube link:

Turn 90% left or right or even 180% and see what Pepper sees. for maximum effect, open it on your phone or tablet and sit on a swivel chair.  On a PC, use your mouse to change your view.

Credits to Igor Druu the cameraman, the amazing surfing dog Pepper (on the board with the camera) and his surfing dog friends,  the talented Chris De Abiotiz and of course, the fantastic VetShopAustralia crew.

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PS  make sure you're looking left (as you face the beach) at 0:42 for a special treat.