Dogs Do Extreme Sports

Videos of surfing, skating and snowboarding dogs - we love them all! And we've got the best surfing dog videos, the best skateboarding dog videos and the best snowboarding dog videos all right here.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Tillman is the world’s fastest skating dog.
The American Bulldog lives in California, USA with his owner Ron Davis who named him after American NRL star Pat Tillman.

He is somewhat of a triple threat to other dogs; he can skate, surf AND snowboard.

But its not just American surfing and skateboarding dogs, Neo and Tuxedo are an almost identical pair of Boston terriers from France who share the same love of skateboarding.

Another outrageously talented dog goes by the name of ‘Extreme Pete’.
Extreme Pete is fearless and enjoys both skating and waterskiing dog.

Founded in 2009, So Cal Surf Dogs is a club for owners and dogs who love to surf.
Together they enter various dog surfing competitions and keep their surFurs up to date with the latest news and events of Southern California.

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Surfing Bulldogs Rock

Who doesn't love to see a bulldog on a surfboard. There are a few famous surfing bulldogs, but the bulldog surfing we love to see is Tillman the Surfing Bulldog.

Surfing Bulldog Tillman belongs to Ron Davis and lives in Oxnard Califorinia. Tillman the Surfing dog is a 6 year old English Bulldog Tillman living in Oxnard California.  You can check out the best  surfing bulldog video below:

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