Surfing Dog Videos

Like surfing dog videos? We can't get enough videos of surfing dogs from, Vimeo and other dog surfing video sharing websites, but here are some of the best we've found. Whether its the best video of surfing dog, the famous surfing bulldog video, a video lesson to teach a dog to surf or just funning dog surfing videos, we'll bring you the best dog surfing videos online.

We've got surfing dog richochet video, surfing dog competition video, surf dog hungtington beach video and much more.

Surf Dog Ricochet Video - Ricochet the surfing dog helps brain injured 6 year old surf.

2011 Loews Dog Surfing Contest Imperial Beach Video Clip

More Imperial Beach Surf Dog Contest Video

Bill Hamilton and Sava Surfing Dog Movie Clip

Cute Surfing Dog Video Clip

Gracie the Surfing English Bulldog video movie clip

Surfing Bulldog Movie - Coronado Dog Beach 2 (falls)

We just loved these best surfing dog videos, best surfing dog movies and some of them are the funniest surfing dog videos on youtube.

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